April 1st workout

So I get home from work around 6ish. Stayed a little later than normal at the office to try & finish typing up this long @ss legal description ... Decided that I really needed to get back to exercising now that I feel better. Because you KNOW how it is ... there are always plenty of reasons and excuses NOT to work out. You just gotta do it. So I change into a tank & shorts. Grab the Ipod. Skip the shoes & socks. Grab my gloves. Don't bother wrapping hands (reflex bag is NOT like a heavy bag when hitting it). Get my stop watch and go to it. 2 minute rounds, 30 second breaks. Start off jumping . Then one two punches on bag Then boxing footwork (which I really need to be practicing) which cranks up your calf muscles Then jab jab punch (whew, right about now, I'm getting warm) Then round house kicks Then jab jab punch cuff Then straight leg kicks Then one two punches Then side/back kicks Then air fight Ok. I'm done. Whew. About 25 minutes total. Whew. I really should have given myself a 20 minute arm, ab or leg routine but man. I was HOT. But I felt good.


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