Trip to the Walk In Clinic

Dd took a turn for the worse again after going to school on Wednesday. Poor thing. Made her go to school Thursday with the promise I would text her when I had her doctor appointment. Damn. "Well Ms. L., we havent seen her in a few years and well, we would have to treat her as a new patient, and well, we can't get her in til late next week." WTF??? I so hate the pediatricians! She just turned 18 so now she can to a regular doctor, thank God!! So I said, forget it, and took her to the walk in clinic down the road from work. You know what? $30 as opposed to $25 co-pay, in and out within 30 minutes AND an antibiotic prescription to boot (and the surprise that she got a TATTOO for her 18th birthday!!!!!) ... good lord. Someone please help me! She got 500mg amoxicillian 3 times a day. Those pills are huge. She does not take pills easily. So we cut in half & half again. Anyone here ever do that?? That stuff taste HORRIBLE. I am lucky if I can get half a dose in her before she upchucks them. Geesh. So here we are, weekend #2 with the 18 year old hanging around. It's good to be Mom still and good to have the baby home.


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