Setting up my own gym

The gym still has NOT opened. My trainer is no longer returning my calls, hubby or my best friend. Not a good sign. I find myself depressed. Looking in the mirror, seeing them thunder thighs peeking back at me. Sure, it may be my imagination, but I know those babies are NOT as thin as they were destined to be 4 weeks ago! So last week, stopped by Sports Authority on the way home. Browsed through the home workout stuff. Bunch of crap. Then they do have other things that are useful. Picked up a 10 lb medicine ball. 8 lbs is too light. 12 lbs is too heavy (granted, I could do it, but it's heavy). $30 later and I leave, happy. Me & hubby play with it that night. Oh. NOT good. The little 10 lb sandbag inside SHIFTS! So in other words, when you are laying on your back, you toss it up, it comes down at an angle. Not good at all. Take it back, and then see the Nike 12 lb. Geesh. Don't want 12 lbs. But then again, it will give me a sense of accomplishment, achievement, bad ass attitude if I can master the 12 lbs. Ok. $50. Good lord. Take it home. Hubby and I play with it. He says NO WAY does he want to use it with me. Said that I will really bitch when I take it in the chest. Hard as a rock. No padding, etc. He's right. I bitch when I take the 8 lb in the chest. Got a very valid point (see, being married all these years DOES payoff if he knows this!!). Take the 12 lb back. Browse the store. Say the hell with it and go to Target. Buy an 8 lb ball with a REMOVABLE handle (WTF?). See an REFLEX bag on a stand. Hmmm. Wonder how much that is? $29 on clearance. MINE! Check out, $62 later. Glad that I just got a gift card, and use that. Still have $65 left. Woohoo. Go home, have sonny boy help me get the stuff out of car (I was being lazy). He's psyched. Puts it together for me. Put water in base (against my better judgement, didn't want water in base in house). He hits it, it hits him back. Well DUH, that's why it's called a reflex bag ... Princess walks by, does the same thing. Squeals when it hits her back. I change my clothes. Get my gloves out. Start doing the 1 2 punches. Oh man. Reflex and timing. Yikes. Do this for 20 minutes, alternating my punches. Sweating, breathing hard. Yeah baby! Lower the stand, and realize that at the lowest it will go is a perfect height for the side kick (to work on those bulging thighs) and go to it for 10 minutes. NO! STOP! I deemed Monday to be the upper body night. So put the reflex friend away. Grab the 8 lb baby. Pry, pull and yell to get the 'removable' handle off (WTF??). And do my 20 minutes of upper body workout. Feel good. Real good. Last night, did the lower body workout. Feel good. Real good. Tonight is abs. Hope to feel good. Real good. Can't wait for hubby to get back from his trip. Hopefully by then I will have the dvd set P90X. I caved in & bought it. Just waiting for it to arrive now. The things we do to get ourself in better shape!


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