Pizza - at home

As an acknowledgement to the current recession/depression, I made HOMEMADE PIZZA, which I have not done in a while. We've been getting our pizza fix from Time Square down the road. Yummy but man, $32 for 2 super large pizzas that feeds this family of four 2 meals. So I used this recipe. I put in the bread machine (which I had to get out of the laundry room & dust off). Set it for 6 hour delay start. I always get nervous doing this if I'm not home since I won't be able to peek & make sure the yeast did it's thing, that I don't need more liquid or flour, etc. To be on the safe side, I used a packet of yeast this time. Got home at 5:30. Peeked at the dough (It would have been finished around 4:30-5pm). Looked great! Followed Tammys directions and baked. Not bad. Not bad at all. Was only me & sonny boy as princess was working. Still have 4 pieces left. Ate BEFORE I did my work out (see below). Not a good thing to eat before a kick ass lower body work out, trust me. My only problem (which was ME), I used the pizza pan with little holes in the bottom & when I did the cornmeal, well, duh, the stuff went all over the oven, countertops, etc. Not a 'big' deal, just a little extra cleaning required on my part.


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