P90X - the new exercise routine

Day 1 The quote from the Dude-Tony is “Bring It”. I wanted to say, a few times, Screw Bring It. Rather than listen to him and their choice of music, I put on my IPod, LOUD and muted the TV. First day entailed the back and chest routine and the AbRipper at end. FYI – Back and chest consist strictly of pull ups & push ups. Lovely. If you have no upper body strength, you WILL give up & die the first day. I don’t have a chin up/pull up bar. Not sure my door frames could even deal with one. So I used my stretchy bands. Had to improvise, so wrapped them around the reflex bag stand a few times to shorten them, sat on floor, put feet flat against stand & pulled the bands, hence, almost like a pull up. BUT it was easier than a pull up so I will have to figure something else out soon. Like by next Monday when I get to do this all over again. Push ups are not a big problem for me. We did them pretty extensive in the boxing class. BUT I still do them on my knees. With ankles crossed. But at least I have good form that way. I also discovered (thanks Dude-Tony) that if I use the barbells for my hand rest, my wrist does NOT bother me (almost like a pushup bar) so that made my life a little easier. BUT man. I was freaking weak at the end there. Did NOT keep written track of what I did & how many reps. Did keep up for the most part with the video. Did not do well on the dive bomb pushup. This must be another one of them coordination things for me. Practice will make perfect, I’m sure. The Abripper. Well. It sucks. It’s hard. I could NOT force myself to go further than I did for each set. Boxing had a pretty good ab workout and I’ve got great ab muscles (underneath that layer of fat) BUT damn, it’s hard still. Hubby walked in with about 5 minutes left of the ab workout. He made it an obvious point to look the other way. Told him class, nightly, 6pm if he felt so inclined to join me. I actually may invite my g/f who did the boxing with me too next week. I want to make sure I can get through one freakin week without dying first. So how do I feel today, 12 hours after? My arms are tight. Tired. Feels like my deltoids, and the lower upper arm/lower shoulder area. Gotta be from them damn wide pushups. My chest, nothing really felt yet. But then again, like the ab workout at boxing, we had a good chest routine also. My back (where that back fat creeped in is, above waist) is a little sore. My abs. Nothing. Well, nothing out of the ordinary. Tense, but not sore. We shall see what tomorrow brings, the 48 hour call. Tonight is Plyometrics. Jumping crap. Oh joy. There go my knees. Again, this will be interesting.


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