Oh thank God that February is over & March has arrived. Well, at least I hope that my attitude stays that way. For being such a short month, man was it hard. I was doing ‘well’ for the No Spend challenge, and then when I tallied up the numbers, well, maybe not so well. I am carrying over into March. I figured I would call it March Madness as I dislike basketball (my BIL & SIL would just give me a look if they heard that out loud since they both coach basketball) and it’s all about basketball this month. Soooo…just what is March Madness going to bring in our house? Why, madness, of course! Just kidding. Cooking. More from scratch. That is going to be quite a challenge IF and WHEN the GYM opens back up. BUT – I do know how to cook. I do know how to plan. So, really, there is no reason WHY I can do this. Of course, my list of things I wanted to make/bake on Sunday is still long. The only thing I did do was the pancakes, which dh & ds managed to eat half of, which is ok, I suppose, but does not replenish a supply for the freezer. I scrambled the eggbeaters all up, but didn’t make the breakfast burritos. And ds & dh managed to eat half of them with the pancakes. Oh. I did bake the cake. Not that it was on my list, just happened to see the box when I was taking out the cranberry & orange muffin mix. The muffins? Didn’t happen.


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