New Exercise Routine

Anyone else notice that I HAVE NOT posted anything more on that??? Been sick. Been weak. Been tired. Then, I feel better. Clean house. Cook dinner. Do laundry. Read book (and remember to RENEW book so I don't get slapped with a fine). Live life. Oh. Wait. Day 2. I DID do that. Here's the post that I wrote but never posted: Day 2 (This is from Tuesday) Plyometrics. Or something like that. Jumping. I thought it would be killing my knees, but surprisingly not. At least, not within the first 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes were a whole different story. I held out for the most part. Didn’t not get real jumpy happy as I was trying to be kinder to my knees. Nice sweat. Good workout. Nothing too difficult. Of course, I’m not a high jumper anyways so …. My legs were a little tense on Wednesday … the outside of my thighs (mid thigh) and the inside (mid thigh) which is a different area for me. Generally the front & lower part of thighs are tender but not this time. So I take this to be a good sign that I’m using a few different muscles than usual. NOTE: I skipped Day 3. Dealing with a major headache that has continued on into today. Uggg. is March 31st. Perhaps April 1st will bring more goals to be kept??


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