My stop at Publix

As the P & G booklet had some coupons for Always & Tampax, I figured I’d swing by Publix this morning to stack them with Publix coupons. 50 cents off manuf and 50 cents off Publix. So, 1 box of pads, 1 box of tampons, 1 box of pantiliners. Each was $3.29 to $3.69 each, and $1 off each item total. So, figured $9 or so with tax. (actually came to $8.10) So …. There I am, I hand over the coupons before she starts ringing up the 3 items (OH – and I remembered to bring in my new FREE Publix shopping bag) … she totals, and hands me back the 3 publix coupons. Can’t double coupons. So I ask her to call a manager (believe me, I’m being polite and nice about it cuz I KNOW they do it after my last visit at the other store). A manager comes, says no, they don’t double coupons, specifically states one coupon per item, blah blah blah, but she will do it. She does it, I ask her if she can clarify with her corporate office, blah blah blah and she says no need to clarify, she knows as they just had a meeting about this. Huh. I am calling corporate myself after this. Anyways, go to car, pull out receipt to put in purse to log later and notice there is a chance to win $1000 gift card if I take a survey. Hurrah! Only the first 125 callers from each store is eligible to enter AND it end March 31 or when 125 surveys are reached. Huh. The survey takes 12 minutes. You cannot pre answer (enter #) before the complete song & dance for each question is completed. In other words, they asked about pharmacy. Since I didn’t use the pharmacy, I wanted to hit 0 for does not apply. Nope. It stops the recording, says it did not recognize response & starts the question allllllll over again. Just a heads up to watch your receipts! Oh, and at the end of the survey, they do the general demographic questionnaire. I answered, but kind of got a little off by some of the questions, you know, marital status, income, kids, gender, etc. It would be real nice if I won that ... really nice!


  1. did you ever get corporate to clarify?

  2. Yes, they said that what we did was not a problem (combining publix coupon & manufacturer coupon) BUT you, as a shopper need to remember that if you have more coupons then items, well, it messes the whole system up, so grab a single banana, or whatnot, something that will cost pennies but still give you more items than coupons.


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