March Madness Menu

Pork chops & rice Garlicky baked chicken with l/o rice & broccoli Leftovers Shrimp packs Salad & sandwiches Tilapia Salisbury steaks Pasta Stir fry Soup and sandwiches Burers Left overs Crockpot shrimp Steaks Pizza Teriyaki chicken Chili Pasta Leftovers Bratwurst Hubby decides Quesadillas (mushroom) Tacos Tilapia Crockpot Bbq pork Leftovers Blackened chicken sandwiches Hubby decides pasta Baked tater bar Soup and sandwiches So I do this menu and REALIZE that there is hardly any chicken dishes on here. It’s actually looking kind of boring. Hmmm. This may not be suitable for March Madness BUT it’s at least a guideline. *As I get the recipes added in to the recipe site, I will try to remember to link to them. *Pasta does NOT mean spaghetti in this house. It could be mac & cheese, lasagna, etc. Just pasta lets me know it's a carb night for the rest of the day. *As dh anticipates traveling a bit this month, some days may be scratched and just changed to simple things, like grilled cheese & canned soup as the kids don’t care if it’s a full fledge meal, just something they like.


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