It's good to be Mom

My sniffling, sneezing, aching, Mommy I don’t feel good baby (who is 18) is finally feeling better tonight. Oh thank God! I don’t think I could stand another pathetic stare from her watery eyes … So the sympathy train pulls out of this household at 5am Wednesday morning, and baby girl, you better have your butt in gear and be a ray of sunshine!! This, after reading this nice, mushy, tear jerking post over at Carmen’s site (if you have NOT read any of her stuff, you gotta, funny, down to earth, and oh so truthful that it hurts at times). Yeah, my baby girl was sick for 5 straight days. 5 days of having an 18 year old girl in the house, 24 hours a day. Not even playing on her laptop, or texting on her cell phone. Lying on the couch. Reaching out her hand when I walk by. Asking me to please sit with her for a bit. Imagine that. My baby girl NEEDS me. It’s good to be a MOM.


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