Costco Trip

Ick. I hate when I go to Costco. As you may know, I've been putting it off for quite a while, because I know that most people call it the $300 store. Yeah. Right. I think I may have to join THAT club now. I had a very specific list. And a very specific mission. Focused. Very. But then I saw the Tonton sauce that I haven't been able to find for months & months. Woohoo. 3 bottles of that stuff went in the cart @ $7.29 each. AND I know that I paid only $3 to $4 last time. Then they had some men's polos on sale. 100% organic cotton. 3 button. Just like DH likes (after I just tossed one that he got overspray of mildew cleaner on which btw, contains bleach). 3 of them go in the cart. $12.99 each. Oh look, nice white towels. 6 pack. $19.99. Wow, that's like, $3 (??) each or so. In the cart they go. Big can of silverfloss sauerkraut for $3. Wow, in the cart. 36 count spring water, $4.25? Better deal than store. Half steamer pans that I had on my list $8.99, paper plates on list $13.69, papertowels, $14.99, dove bath soup (moisterizing, per dh request) $12.79, and I better get the liquid stuff TOO $10.55, oh, look, sunchips, the kids really like them, bargain! $8.59, oh get the hot dog buns $1.79. Went back after browsing the meat counter a few times. The meat all had sell by dates of the 16 and 17th (I'm there on the 14th) .. finally picked up 6 lbs of ground beef for $15.28. This was NOT a good deal and I can't believe I paid that much for it. Oh, need some granola bars for kids lunches, and dh can take ALL the raisin oatmeal ones on his trip, $10.29, there's our favorite multigrain crackers $7.29 (HUH? Those were $5 last time), blueberries, $7.49, grapes $5.99, oh what the heck, grab the rotissierie chicken, it looks yummy $4.99, grab TWO apple chicken sausage $12.99, oh look, hubbys favorite hot dogs are on sale! $8.49 better grab 2, cheese ravioli in 5 lb bag $9.69 this will make the kids happy, grab 3 8pks of tuna, since we will only eat Kirkland albacore brand, $11.99. WAIT. That used to be $8.99. Wow. Prices are going up. People must be catching on too this stuff. Oh, honey. Well if I'm going to start eating healthier to try & help hubby get cholesterol down, $10.59. 2 gallons of 2% milk, $2.49 each (great deal down here!), oh, crumbled bacon $7.79 (wow, $2 more than ususal), oh, get some aleve, get the store brand $12.99, hershey syrup, $5.89, and last but not least, 3 pk spray lysol since dd is so dang sick $9.99. Grand total? Really, you want to know?? $380.07. Huh. That sucks. They did NOT have the south beach meal replacement bars I was looking for so I stopped at BJ's and they did, $16.99 for the 12 pk. Same as Publix. Huh. No bargain there.


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