bye bye bug

It’s Monday And I am finally starting to feel better. I spent the whole entire weekend laying on the couch, sleeping, sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose, watching tv, groaning, getting up to drink something, tossing some clothes in washer, reminding princess to toss same in dryer. Hubby and I both were sick. He stayed in his recliner. I stayed on the couch. The kids would check on us periodically. Sonny boy made the mistake once of saying he was hungry. Dinner Saturday & Sunday was the tray of lasagna from freezer. So glad I had that to just toss in the oven. Granted, it may have cooked a little too long, but at least it was hot food. My head is still a little fuzzy feeling. But much much better. I still look like a good candidate for a Visine commercial, but hey, at least the nose isn’t red & watery anymore. So tonight, god willing, I will cook the chicken that’s been marinating for days. And hopefully make some pasta to go with it for sonny boy (since he was so patient this weekend). And princess will get some veggies to go with her chicken & she can use the Tonton sauce she so loves. And me, I will be thankful to fall asleep without the aid of nyquil.


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