My food intake was reduced dramatically this past week. Granted, what I did eat was high in fat and calories (ice cream) but still, lower than normal I would think. I put on a skirt that I have not worn in a while. It fit fine around the waist & hips. But man, in the butt, I could see those damn bulges that I worked so hard to get rid of for 6 months through the boxing class!!! Crap. They are back. I lost weight. I know this is because of the muscle … I gained about 7 lbs when I started the class. And now that I haven’t worked out in, oh my god, 4 weeks (!!!!) things are starting to get a little jiggly again. Amazing how fast it happens. So last week, I got the reflex bag on a stand (clearance $29), 8 lb medicine ball ($29). I also finally got the P90X set. So guess what? Starting at 6pm tonight at my house, in the living room I start my NEW routine. Yes, I took my before picture, LAST week when I was feeling better and thought I was starting then. Maybe I should take a new one? Nah. I don’t have a pullup bar. I am not even sure my door frames could tolerate something like that. I do have the pully things but not the door jamb thing they recommend. What I might do is improvise some other weight thing for the pullups. I know the first day is all pushups and pullups. Oh and a few heavy pants and lawnmower pulls. How do I know this? Because I tried to do my first class on Thursday, when I was at my peak of illness … I do not recommend that to anyone! I’ve already got my clothes, shoes and ipod laid out on the bed. So when I get home at 5:30, I can change, talk to kids for a few minutes & hop to it. First class, 1 hour and 15 minutes or so long (got the abripper to deal with too). I’ll keep you posted.


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