No Spend February, Day 4

Day 4 Wednesday. Hump Day. No gym day. Woohoo. I’m getting a little concerned, and we are only on day 4! I need to get milk, bread, dish soap, grape jelly. Eggs. Paper towel. Toilet paper. Ok. The papertowel can wait. It’s not a necessity. But to dh it is. Breakfast was pancakes & bacon (ds), dd had strawberry oatmeal, I had oatmeal & dh, of course, had special k & milk. Lunch for kids (if they so choose), pb&j, chips, cookies, granola bar, water. Dinner for all, burgers. Would normally cook on the grill but dang, we have a freeze advisory for the COASTAL area. In other words folks, it’s gonna get pretty darn cold. So I might just make them on the georgie grill. I also need to cook my chicken that I’ve had marinated in Cesear dressing for the past 2 days. This was suppose to have been a filler for dinner or lunch or snack (extra protein for workout days) BUT never got around to cooking. Will cook, cut & freeze in serving size portions for lunches down the road. I’ve done real well sticking with my menu plan. I am so very proud of myself!! Of course, I get home at 7:30 Tuesday & dingbat ds is asking “whats for dinner”. Point to the calendar on the fridge & say, oh, today is leftovers. Duh. That’s what he said too. On my way home from work, stopped at Publix to get those few things I needed. Sat in parking lot & pulled out some coupons. Yeah, wasn’t it suppose to be a stop for dishsoap, milk, bread, etc. Basics? Hah. Yeah right. $31 later (oh but look, I saved $29), and 5 bags of cheese, 1 pkg of sliced cheese, 2 coffees, gallon of milk, pads, tampons, bacon, Gatorade, bread, eggs, diced tomatoes, sandwich bags, chili beans, and out the door I went. Get home, notice that I DID NOT get the grape jelly, coffee filters OR dish soap! Had to call dh & tell him to get me the dish soap as I will be totally out by nights end. DH made chili when he got home to take to work as we are suppose to be cold in the morning. So I think I will take some off the top for our dinner as we are scheduled to have soup & salad/sandwiches. Will move the potato chowder to the next time. Total spent: $31. February to date: $71.


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