No Spend February, Day 3

Day 3 Not a bad start. Used my toaster oven (granted, this is very underused in my house) to toast the bagels & toaster strudels for all of our breakfast. My toaster died finally last week and I just kept putting off buying a new one. Well, now that No Spend February is here, it’s gonna have to wait til March. Breakfast was strudel for dd, bacon (the microwave kind) and egg sandwich for ds, special k with vanilla & almonds for dh (his daily intake of the stuff) and a egg(beaters), sausage & bagel sandwich for me. Ok, so dh is the only fairly healthy one at this time. I made a quart of non fat milk to mix in with the less than half gallon of milk left in fridge. Wonder if anyone will notice? Dh with his cereal? At the last minute I decided to just mix half & half in the thermos for his cereal that he takes to school. Did not say anything. Lunch for kids was pb & j sandwiches, chips, cookies and Gatorade, if they so desired. Dh & I have a choice of leftovers (hey it’s 6:30am, I’m waiting to decide which leftover still). Dinner was also leftovers. DH chose the stirfry, kids had mashed taters & gravy. I had the quesadillas from kids super bowl party. There is still plenty left. May have to freeze some. I needed to stop at CVS this morning to get some dishsoap. Planned on buying the 77 cent Palmolive (I think that’s the brand on sale) and use my giftcard that still has like $2.xx on it. I really wanted to stop at Publix too & pick up the poptarts they have on clearance (2 for $2.25) and use my $1 off each coupons. I could do it with the change in the bottom of my purse (I have NO bills in there at the moment & won’t til Friday). But then again, I thought about it, and decided to forgo the shopping another day. I did stop in the breadstore on way to gym since it’s the next block over. They wanted $1.01 for a loaf of bread that had a best by date of 2/4. Hah. No thank you. Will need to stop at Publix for sure now & buy the 89 cent loaf. *note to self – need to do the math on dry milk. If it takes 4 envelopes to make one gallon, and 10 envelopes per box, well, that would be $9 for the milk by gallon. Not a huge savings, maybe a few dollars?


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