Days 18 through 22

So I’ve been MIA all week. Well, since last Monday. What a disappointment STILL. OH well. Moving forward. The week has been quiet. Which is why I did NOT post daily results. All 3 meals have been pretty much standard fare for our household. Did take advantage (guilt?) of a sale at Publix. $2 off covergirl products & lipstuff was an additional $1 off. So got my lipslick stuff (2), gum, 2 more boxes of the south beach bars. Spent a total of about $7 (don’t have receipt in front of me). Had to stop at the store on way home from gym on Thursday to get milk. Ended up spending $20.73, but hey, saved $25.76. Friday was a stop at Target to get the cheap cheese (Kraft was 3/$6 and I had the 75 cent off coupon) and goldfish (77 cents for a bag). Also did the razor deal using their coupon on site of $3 off and used manuf. coupon of $2 off. These are NOT the disposable razor which makes me feel a little better (so much plastic being tossed nowdays). When I got home though, couldn’t figure out how I spent $22. Then I saw that only 1 of the goldfish coupons went through (bought 3 so should have been $3 off). I think I read somewhere that Target was only allowing 1 coupon per transaction per item. Was planning on going back Saturday morning to return the fish & take advantage of a poptart deal: 5 boxes of poptarts, use my 2 $1 off Target coupons, 2 $1 off manuf. and additional $1 off 1 coupon. $5 off total, and with the purchase of 5 get a $5 gift card. This works out almost free in the end. They were on sale I believe for $2.22. So I would have spent about $1 in the end. Sweet. Except. I didn’t leave the house on Saturday. A good thing I suppose, as in when I stay home, I don’t spend any cash. Ok. Dd was gone off for her first drill weekend. I was so very nervous about her driving on the interstate for that far. Luckily she went to pick up her boy buddy that’s been going for over a year & he knows where to go. Originally he was to drive but his little sis had a car accident in HIS car. And no way was I allowing her to go up on his motorcycle, not to mention, no room for all the gear. It’s a lot and she doesn’t even have half the stuff yet. I hope it works out for her. FYI – she got there safely and returned safely. Thank you God. My plans for the weekend were pretty much up in the air. I had made a big fit on Thursday morning with DH (maybe some day I will post it, but for now, lets just say it’s a very personal, private issue that I have that affects all of those around us with regards to something dh likes). I really thought that we would stay in anyways, just to keep peace and make the potential transition a little smoother. That is what we did. We watched so much tv it’s not even funny. Granted most of it was movies (Kill Bill 1 & 2, freaky movie), and some others that I didn’t catch the titles of. I read through my Rachel Ray cookbooks (both), tried organizing my coupons a little more, cleaned, did laundry, etc. I played with the idea of a quick run to Costco to get tuna, milk, eggs, chicken sausage, flour, etc. BUT then I think, no, wait til next weekend. I keep buying myself time but am down to 1 can of tuna! But nope. Didn’t do it. We DI D run to Target on Sunday morning (after I went over to A1A to watch the marathon go by) … dh spent $20 on misc. things for the boat (wax, caulk remover, etc.) I really had a long list of things to do this weekend. Didn’t do very many of them. DID make the chicken parmesean for dinner Saturday night & did make the chicken teriyaki stirfry for dinner on Sunday. But that’s about it for the cooking! Did do all laundry (have piles for ironing though), changed main & guest room sheets & washed. Organized spice cabinet. Checked on flour & sugar status (Costco trip planning). So this morning it’s the 23rd day. How am I doing? I think ok. Of course, my screw up from Monday still bothers me. I get paid on Friday. I have about $400 in my account right now. I have 5 bonuses @ $75 each at the moment, with the potential for 2 more to be added by the end of the week. I THINK I will be able to put the extra in savings (not the $700 as originally planned out this year) .. definitely the bonus, there are going to be no exceptions this year on that. BUT, I have $1300 coming on Friday. I need to pay bills as follows; Water: $140 Cable: $110 Cell: $125 Phone: $50 (last month & this) Ae: $200 BBuy: $50 Cap1: $75 (at least) That equals $700. Hmmm. Not as good as I had hoped. I will definitely give an update on March 1st for the month. Total for day/week: $49 Total for month: ok, I need to go back & look cuz I don't remember!!!


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