Day 9

Monday (again). Up at the crack of dawn (5am). Kids up at 5:30. Breakfast was cereal for kids & dh (of course) and I had egg beaters & sausage. Dentist appt at 8. I’m so bad about making my appointments that I had dh make it the last time he was there. Xrays only (I hate that they won’t do xrays & cleaning in same visit. Something about insurance. Oh, only one office visit paid. Another way to beat the insurance thing.) When I go to leave & make appt for cleaning, computers are down, call back around 12. Uh. Ok. Get to work, eat my breakfast. Plug away working. Eat lunch at 2pm. Leave at 5:15 and go to the gym. Have a fairly kick ass workout (lower body today), go home, tell everyone leftovers for dinner (again & it’s over). Sit on computer, order a new ipod screen since ds took it in his backpack & someone stepped on it, thereby giving it that lovely bloom. Hold out my hand for the $20 and scolded him. Took shower, ate some taters & chix apple sausage & went to bed. Whew. Oh crap! Realize at 9pm that I did NOT call and make my cleaning appt. Total spent: $0 (as ds reimburse me cash for the use of my visa/debit card) Total for month $139 (plus $1000 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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