Day 7

Saturday! Woohoo!! I’ve already spent my weeks worth of groceries, really. I sat down and did a very very very detailed list of what I need from the store & it better not cost very much with my coupons. Still, in end, more than I wanted (actually, a lot more than I wanted) but all in all, not bad with coupons. I do have a few things I’m taking back and yes, will be truthful & tell them of the $5 and 3 $3 coupons. I should get back $12 or so. Of course, it does NOT look like a no spend February now. Woke up again at 5am. Dd had her competition today. I woke up, put on the coffee, tossed in a load of reds (my gym stuff, my wraps bleed something horrible so now I have all my newer stuff geared to the red family). Then was trying to find something special for her quickly. Betty Crocker Cinnabon muffins. One of my dirt cheap deals. Baking as I type … and using my snowman cupcake liners I got from target for 25 cents. Of course, she said no thanks and no thanks to the coffee yogurt (‘it will be gross by the time I get around to eating it’) and took only the bottle of Gatorade. This, AFTER she tells me she is 2 lbs UNDER the weight requirement for Guard. Good lord. Lunch – leftovers. Man, leftovers. I need to do something with them. Matter of fact, the left over pizza, which is a LOT, went straight to ziplocs & freezer. That can wait to be eaten. The other stuff, way too much and I am NOT going to toss it out! Dinner was the chicken sausage & scalloped taters that was suppose to have been for Friday. Our friends called to see if we wanted to head over to Bahia Cabana, but did not see their call until 6:30 (they had called around 5) but by then I already had everything ready to cook. Like JR said, that’s why they called so early so we wouldn’t get dinner plans under way. I got most of my laundry done today, at long last. Cleaned out the top cabinets of the laundry room. Well, sorta. It is the dustiest room in the house and it drives me batty. The air handler is there as the hot water heater. Both in their own closet, but still. OH – also stopped at the library and got 4 movies and a new book to read. Of course, we have NOT watched any of the movies yet & they need to go back by Thursday. Total spent: $62.xx (all told, says I saved $80 between the 3 stores) Total for month $139 (plus $1000 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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