Day 5

Day 5 Baby it’s cold outside today! This morning, at 5am, it was 40 degrees. At 6:40 when the kids left, it was 37. That’s Oceanside Fort Lauderdale folks, this does not happen ever! Brrrrr…. Anyway. Dh had the chili going all night long in the crockpot. Made me hungry when I woke up. I skimmed some off before he left (it’s a lot for his small office). Sent some cheddar cheese from the freezer. Was going to do sour cream & oyster crackers but he said no thanks as he had the loaf of italian bread. After last nights little shopping fiasco (in my opinion), I started a list this morning on a 3x3 sticky note. Grape jelly. Coffee filters. Yogart ($1.50 off 4 pk will cost me 50 cents), fake sugar ($1 off, will cost me under $1) and quart freezer bag ($1 off, cost about $1.) I did stop at Publix on the way to work and only picked up the 2 yogarts and paid $1 total. So really, not so bad. Actually this was a GOOD deal, 50 cents for a 4 pk of yoplus yogart?? Breakfast – dd had strudel (almost out, oh well), ds had bacon & bagel & cheese sandwich with grapes & hot chocolate, dh, guess (special k), me, oatmeal. Lunch – kids have choice of pb&j, chips, cookies & water or buy, dh had his chili and mashed taters, I made a salad & took some of the chicken I cooked last night. Dinner – Chili with spaghetti noodles. Total Spent: $1 Total for month: $72 (plus the $1000 to AE)


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