Day 27 & 28

It's officially over. I will have to tally up the month tomorrow morning as my day has gotten away from me. Friday, went & got my free Einstein bagel and paid the 60 cents for the honey butter. It was more of a guilt thing than anything else I think. Then went to Publix where I managed to hold up the line for about 15 minutes with the manager saying NO they do not stack manufacturer & Publix coupons. Oh boy. Manager kept saying that it would not let the cashier do it (kept beeping). Then it dawned on me, 10 coupons, 9 items. Duh. So I grabbed a pack of gum ($1.19!!) and it went through. Manager walked with me to towards the exit and I asked him to please call his corporate office to see if the policy has been changed, that I would LIKE to know just for the future. He wrote his name on my receipt to call back later. I called 9 hours later, not thinking he would be there and he was. He apologized and said what we did was totally cool and he was personally making sure that all of his employees were trained on the proper way of handeling this. Cool. I'm glad. Now ... for Saturdays big shopping day (and total budget buster). Went to get the car inspected for Insurance. Pass by a walmart to do that so I wanted to see if they carried Correll and how much. Walked out of Walmart with 2 sets of dishes ($29.99 each), a toaster ($14.99), 24 pk water, 2 big pks of gatorade, shells, cheese slices and oh something, else, oh frozen pizzas for $112.00. Crumb. Then to Publix. Get this, I SAVED $137. I spent $78. I SCORED on the cheese there. Found these sheets of coupons for $1 off a kraft cheese and 55 cents off cool whip spray stuff. Kraft is 3 for $5. Guess what? I bought 12. and I got $12 off. I paid 66 & 67 cents for 8 oz of cheese. Woohoo. I also got strawberries for $1.25 each but after the Pam purchase, those cost 25 cents each. So I kind of ruined the $400 cash I had in the house for groceries for March. Ummm. Well, I do have a $100 g/c coming soon. BUT that's not the point. I didn't want to spend over $100 at Walmart. If I had just stayed away from the food section :( I honestly don't think the food itself is that much cheaper there to be honest. Dinner Friday was tacos. Froze the leftover meat Dinner Saturday is pork chops (freezer), rice (pantry) and brocolli (freezer). Not even going to cook with any of the stuff I bought today ... Watch for a post tomorrow showing my totals for the short month of No Spend February.


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