Day 25 & 26

Somehow I am so messed up on my days. I did NOT realize that it was already the 26th day of the month AND Thursday. Well, I did realize it, but it just didn't click. Read the coupon hunting email for what I did on the 25th. So, for clarification, today IS Thursday & survivor is on this evening. Woohoo. I am quite certain there will be NO GYM again (WTF??!!) which means I will need to get off the computer soon & go do my agonizing 16 minutes of Ab Ripper. Dang if I can’t find the whole video. I think it may have been removed for copyright purposes. If they don’t get the gym up & running by Sunday, I may just blow all this saving out the window & buy the P90X. Crap. I am stopping by Publix on way to work this morning to get my 2 cans of Pam and free produce using the $1 off produce. Grapes are on sale for 99 cents a lb (yeah!) and I am craving bananas. I will also pick up 2 small dawn soaps and use my 2 50 cent Publix coupons & 2 50 cent manufacturer coupons, making them free. I will also be able to pick up a free Publix shopping bag then. Toss my 6 items in for about $5 and I’m on my way. Tacos tonight with the ground turkey I picked up last night. Kids should be happy. I really should pick up the tortilla shells with my $1 off coupon but was kind of hoping to see a sale first. Friday is payday. I should have about $1500 to deposit between the monthly bonus (at last!), payroll & paycheck (I work for 2 separate companies). Not bad considering I paid all my bills for the month the other day (you know, set up the pay date) and was only off $66 … so that means I have a lot of wiggle room. Right off the bat, $500 of it goes to savings account. $300 or so will be for electric. $100 to the best buy cc (I missed February desired payment), $100 to Cap1, $120 to Tmobile. Ummm. I lost track on the math again…1120 out. Hmm. That makes me short again, doesn’t it?? Crumb. Ok, so those bills ARE NOT due yet. And I get the weekly $140. You know, odd. I used to say that $140 was my grocery money for the week. Then I said that should be my saving money for the week. Honestly folks, I make a lot of money and still can’t save. Even with the No Spend February! Oh, that’s right, 1800 to American Express. Yeah, now I remember.


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