Day 24

Well, only 4 more days to finish the No Spend challenge. I am seriously thinking of carrying it over to March, only because I still want to save more money. *Don't mind the little typos you might notice here & there - sitting on couch with dd's laptop typing this up, not used to the typing on my legs* Stopped at the grocery store on my way home. So needed to. Spent $39.85. Says I saved $70.27. Hmmm... Sorry no pics (again, or ever?) as ds was playing with my camera on the tripod that dh had taken out of his closet to get rid of. Unbeknowst to us, it is a universal tripod for all cameras & video cameras (which is what we had it for 18 years ago when dd was born!) So heres what I got: 4 32 oz containers of progresso broth (2 chix, 2 beef)* Ice cream 3 green giant brocolli spears (box)* 2 bags pizza rolls* Select soup*FREE* Wrigley gum*FREE* 2 progresso soups* milk 2 pillsbury french bread* grated parm cheese with green lid 2 wishbone salad dressings* 2 muir glenn tomatoes* 2 penne rigate 2 ragu alfredo 4 special K*(dh will be so happy) 2 crystal light* cream cheese 2 bagel 2 hostess sweet 16 donuts 2 loaves of bread* Total spent $39.85. Total saved (so they say) $70.27. The cashier was 'impressed' but slightly put off by all the coupons. I have started giving the coupons in the beginning just so they can look through quickly and keep an eye for certain things.


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