Day 17

Tuesday & I get to go back to work. Good. That means minimal spending. Bill paying. Oh, wait, I need to balance my checkbook too. Oh. Dd was ou of here at 4:45 am this morning. Needs to go take this language test to see if she’s capable of learning a new language quickly. Down in Miami. Grrr. At least she drives to the recruitment office & one of the recruiters drives her there. She should be back in school sometime during 2nd block. Thank god. BUT then she calls me at like 5:30 and wants to know if I'm awake. Hummm. Apparently, can NOT wear flip flops at MEPS. Makes sense to me. Can I meet her by I95 & bring her leopard shoes? Doh. Ok. DS is still not waking up. I know he's alive (I'm assuming here!). Apparently NOT going to school today. Will set out the tomato soup & such so he can make something to eat when he DOES get up. DH is going to go through the roof. DH had a perfect attendance record all through high school. Did not even do Senior Skip Day. Appalling, I tell ya. Breakfast, dd had oatmeal. Me, eggs. Dh, guess. Ds, depends on how he feels when he finally wakes up. Packed a bagel, chips, granola bar, cookies, and such for dd. Ds can make his soup. DH & I will have chicken, salad and another veggie maybe? Dinner. Suppose to be tilapia. Will be chicken or leftover burgers. Total Spent: $0 (I'm banking on this!!!) Total for month $711 (plus $1838 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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