Day 16

Day 16 Monday, President’s Day. I’m off! Well, technically anyway. I still went in to let the accountant in to finish her audit AND do a little bit of work myself. And admire the desk & hutch of the ‘new’ attorney/business partner. Should have stayed at work. May as well have opened the car windows and threw out $250 while driving 70 mph down the interstate. Seriously. Let’s just leave it at that. Went to Big Lots. Walked out empty handed. Went to Bealls Outlet. Walked out with 3 nightgowns, $14 later. One of the them is going back. Of course, the cheaper one, $5.99 Gym. Dinner was burgers that I made BEFORE I went to gym since I got home around 3ish. Ds was laying on couch, and his sis said he was sleeping on & off most of the day. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why they didn’t go to the Ren. Fair? Saved me $20 each at least. Did take dd’s car & fill it up since gas was $2.01 and I figured it’s going up. $26. for her. Mine was $27 (odd, we both had ¼ tank). Total spent: $317 Total for month $711 (plus $1838 to AE, $75 to Cap) DID SOMEONE SAY IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE NO SPEND FEBRUARY???


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