Day 15

I was in a crummy mood. Went to Target. Picked up a microwave top lid thingy, 2 bags of m&ms (1/2 price), 2 pks undies for me. $21 Went to BBBeyond. Had my 2 20% off coupons. Got me a 2 set pink handle knife set (the H name brand with the little stick man?) for $14.99 (clearance) and an oblong grittle with the 6 little rings (for my English muffin bread) for $9.99. Got out of there for $20 after the coupons. Went to BJ’s. Bought 12 lbs b/s chicken breast, 6 lbs French fries, put back 2 lounge chairs (beautiful day outside & I have NO lounge chairs to lounge on, just regular patio chairs!!), 50 pk of chips, and something else that I just can’t remember … total was $49.05. Put $40 on the visa gift card, paid $9.05 out of pocket. Meals were scattered. Like I said, I was in a crummy mood. Kids went to wendy’s ($10) and then ds was trying to get tickets to a concert that was sold out. Ended up coming home. He still has the $20 (mental note to self). Total spent: $80 Total for month $394 (plus $1838 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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