Day 14

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Saturday! Officially half way there! Breakfast, fend for yourself Lunch, same as breakfast Dinner, tbone for DH & I with baked tater & veggies Kids, pizza OR pepperoni bread (homemade) & cheese sticks Went to grocery store at 8:15am. Wanted to get it done. Spent $67. Cashier would not let me stack publix coupon with manufacturer. Had to go to CS desk, they gave me $2 back so yeah, $65. I’m ok with that. Finally returned the stuff and they gave me $20.25 back. Pointed out coupons, manager said that they still had & most likely already processed the coupons so they gave me a full refund. Sweet. That put my grocery total last week around $40 something. Woohoo. What did I buy? Milk. Eggs. Coffemate liquid cream. International cream. (coups on both put them less than 50 cents each). Cookie mix, cake mix & frosting (all with great coupons). Cascade rinse aid (free). Bread. Ice cream. Cheese sticks. Mascara. 2 bottles aleve (total cost was like 64 cents). 4 12 pks soda. 2 24 pks water. Spinach. Apples. Watermelon. Strawberries. Blue berries. Went a little over board on the fresh produce maybe? But we needed it. I am going to try & get back to the healthy/boring chicken eating mode. Poor family. I do have the menu planned from the beginning of the month but I don’t know if I can stick with it totally. I’ll have to re-evaluate. Have a cake that I baked. Currently cooling. Will top with the whipped cream BC frosting I picked up for 45 cents. Then have my tiny heart cookie cutter & red sugar to make hearts on top of frosting. My contribution to V-day. My money saving tip today was to renew my movies from the library on line so I don’t get slapped with a $1 per day late fee. Yikes. This is my 2nd extension. Wonder how long I can go? Dd finally watched the Reno 911 for me. Thankfully, one down 3 to go. We are waiting for our friends to come over so we can go for a boat ride. Cooler packed with some beer, water, sodas, and then I see a water bottle with Jack, Uggg. Haven’t had the boat out in 2 months or so. DH informed me last night that it was coming out this week for it’s annual ritual (meaning, clean, clean, clean & maintenance). Grrr. I have bills that I will need to be paying … I’m off on Monday for President’s day but may need to meet the accounting girl who is doing an audit for us (my request) to let her in the office. If so, may, may not, go to Costco OR BJ’s OR Doris OR Penn Dutch for some chicken. I’m looking at my totals for the month. Huh. $314?? How can that be? Isn’t it amazing how things add up? Here I am cheering myself for about $40-$65 on groceries and yet my total for month is still over $300. AND I’m only half way there. Total spent: $65 minus $20 credit back = $45.00 Total for month $314 (plus $1838 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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