Day 13

Oops, I realize that I forgot to add this one in. Now if I was really techy savvy, I could figure out how to put this between 12 & 14, but I don't know how!!! Day 13 Ohhh…Friday the 13th! Creepy. Kids have dentist exams today. They are freaked out … ha STILL need to get to winn Dixie & publix. Maybe today? I don’t know. I really should avoid the grocery store at all cost since I know I will spend way too much money IF I go. It’s not that I don’t have willpower, just seems that I always need something, then I see a great deal. Hmmm. Maybe I don’t have willpower? Today is also payday which means heavy hit on AE again. Then I’ll be done & I can relax. Which means the rest of the month will have to be no/low spend. Breakfast, fend for yourself (kids are out of school) Lunch, same as above Dinner, taco bake thingy. Lets see if it’s any good. I’ll post recipe later if it is worthwhile. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Cocktails. Talking. DH deciding to hose down the boat. Me, headache, bed. DH decided to cook up some more chicken sausage. Half of it is in fridge this morning. Total spent: $10 Total for month $269 (plus $1000 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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