Day 12

Day 12 Wow, it’s like almost there! But again, I look and ask myself if it’s really No Spend February?? I forgot to mention yesterday that the additional $20 was for gas in the big truck. $1.99 a gallon. Geesh. I knew it was going to go up. On that note, a friend of ours had other friends visiting super bowl weekend from Jersey. She was a tech writer for a trade publication. Fuel & Oil industry. So I asked if she had any words of advice … “don’t get used to the low prices, it will be back up over $4 before long again to stay”. Alrighty then. This morning, dd is asking for gas money. All I have left is a $10 bill. Gave it to her. Not even 6:30 and I’m down $10 for the day. Geesh. Need to swing into Winn Dixie and get the 4 cans of soup for 60 cents (15 cents each with coupon). Also need to go to Publix & return hair color & face wash. $20 but after full disclosure of coupons, $12. You know, I wonder if they STILL turn in the coupons for reimbursement?? Anyways, I was feeling very disorganized this morning. Breakfast is cereal for all (with grumpy faces from the kids). I will have yogurt and apple. Lunch – usual for the kids. DH & I? I don’t know. Salad. Left over fahitas. I got lucky as my g/f that works in another office upstairs at work had a catered lunch today & she brought me a plate with the real black beans & rice, mojo chicken, some kind of corn soufflé/casserole type thingy and a lovely brownie. I love you DT! DH was emailing me complaining that he had to pick the chicken out of the stewed vegetables. That I know how much he HATES stewed vegetables. I was totally confused as that wasn't stewed! Dinner – soup & sandwiches. Finally made it happen. Used the yummy Italian bread … was even ready by the time Survivor came on. It’s a miracle! Total spent: $10 Total for month $269 (will need to update) (plus $1000 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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