Day 11

Hump day. Again. Wow, it’s like almost there! But again, I look and ask myself if it’s really No Spend February?? Just for kicks, don't forget to check out Amy who is the one who started this madness! Dentist was fine. After being told $85, told them no way, a regular cleaning is like $45 & the insurance pays that AND they want me to pay the equivalent of 2 more cleanings, blah blah blah. Finally told me to wait a minute while she has the hygienist look at chart. Seconds later, Oh, sorry Mrs. L, your insurance pays for this too. Duh. I think the dentist overheard and shook her head, saying no, not this one, her hubby spends way too much money here. Before I left, made my next appt for August. Thank god. As we don’t do the gym on Wednesday, dh wanted to take us all out to the Japanese buffet. Ds declined, saying it would be a waste of money as there is nothing there that he would eat (he’s right). Dd jumped for joy as she needs to gain 2 lbs and wants to gain 3 to be safe. Me, I was like, what about soup & salad & NO SPEND?? Dh shrugged, he’s just trying to be nice. Stopped to pick up ds prescription from dermatologist. We’ve been lucky in getting the coupons for $50 off which is exactly how much it was after the insurance. Not this time. AND new year. $100.00 folks. A pill for acne. On a teenage boy. I will NOT be paying for this again. There has got to be something else, cheaper that works just as well. Breakfast – leftover waffles for kids from Sunday. Dh the usual. Me, yogurt & fruit. Lunch – kids, usual. Me & dh will have salad and whatever else is in fridge. Being that I know dh is not going to want to deal with the wraps in the office, he will not take the fahitas. Dinner was to have been soup & sandwiches. Use French onion soup (progresso, 15 cents a can), and make pressed ham sandwiches in the georgie grill. That has been moved to Thursday night. As I spent $0 yesterday, I’ve backed it back to $139. Total spent: $120 (not including DH & dinner) Total for month $259 (will need to update) (plus $1000 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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