Day 10

My list of things to be done today is quite long considering it is a work day for me. I have a closing (woohoo!) at 4pm and my package is done & ready. All I need to do is cut checks but must wait for the wire to come in before then. At breakfast, dd was in a mood and pretty much left to fend for herself (18 & crabby), ds had a breakfast sandwich (hoagie, egg, bacon & cheese) and donuts and grapes. He has his FCAT Writes today. Thank god, last year. DH had his usual and I will take 2 muffins from Saturday. Lunch: kids had their choice or buy. DH will take tuna. I have a bunch of stuff I tossed in a lunchbox (need to vote on way to work, stop at Publix, WinnDixie etc.), including, grapes, muffins, oriental salad, oatmeal, etc. so not sure what I’ll eat for lunch). Dinner – Chicken fahitas that is in the crockpot as I type. Just need to remember to turn it on before I leave. Last time it was a little dry and I believe over cooked. This time I will let it cook for 6 hours & stay on warm then. Hopefully it will be ok. I need to call dentist & make cleaning appt. Vote (mayor & commissioner). Publix to return 2 hair colors & 1 olay cleanser. $5 and $3 worth of coupons down the drain. UNLESS I can swap them out. Almost $20 worth of stuff but minus the $8 in coupons, only $12. Winn Dixie to get my 4 cans of Progresso for 15 cents each. Call Community Center down the street, they have fencing classes for 12-18 on Tuesday & Thursday. Wanted to see how much & see if dd & ds would be interested. Also have kick boxing on Monday & Wednesday. As I take BOXING (not to be mistaken for kickboxing like so many assume) I think I might swing by there on Wednesday when I don’t take class to check it out. Maybe. Depends. On how much it cost and what type of crowd. This is in an area where a lot of seniors live. I mean, 70 to 80 year olds. They also offer belly dancing but I have done that before. It’s cool but I just don’t think I want that right now. I know a gal who is taking it (55 yo)…so…I don’t know. We’ll see. Gym. Need to stay focused & get back in the groove of things. Notice that I've started to gain a little weight and feel bloated & not quite as firm (ok, it could be pms related) but have slacked off a little. Even my trainer made a comment to me that I'm not coming as much as I used to. Have taken a few Tuesdays off in addition to the Wednesdays. Total spent: anticipate less than $5. Maybe $ coming back today! Total for month $144 (will need to update) (plus $1000 to AE, $75 to Cap)


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