Coupon Hunting

So because there is NO GYM again (WTF??!!) I stayed at work a little later than normal to finish up some stuff on my desk. Then I decided to go to the Publix downtown to go coupon hunting. They usually have some great coupons! Sure enough, there were! Procter & Gamble must have something going with Publix. Again, they have these sheets (well, actually, it’s a trifold this time) of cleaning stuff. $1 off Tide (2 of them), $1 off swifter refills, 50 cents off any dawn, $1 off bounty, $1 off charmin, etc. Way cool. I know I’ve got some great coupons to match them up with. Unlike the health & beauty sheet, these DO expire. OH – and if you buy ANY 2 participating items, you can get a free Publix recycle shopping bag. Those are 99 cents each folks and I just refuse to pay for them so here they are, FREE. I also got some cracker coupons, only 3 of the buy 1 cracker get $1 off cheese. Bummer. Some $1 off poptart peelies (b1g1f now). $1 off success rice peelies. I did buy a few things: lemon, lime, 2 bags of chips, 2 ground turkey, 2 boxes rice. Spent $10. Guy in front of me bought 3 things. One was a bag of Dole premium salad. Had a FREE coupon for that. Asked where he got it, said he works for a food distributor and got it from another food distributor. “One of the perks of my job”. Huh. Told him that was a great coupon. Here I’m thinking I need to get back to the produce department & snag some of them. I did stop at McDonalds on the way home, 10 burgers & 3 large fries for the kids (dd had her old b/f over) $11.


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