Where has the last 24 hours gone??? Ds had a hair appt yesterday (at last, he wants to get his hair cut, I mean, trimmed!) at 5:30pm (had made it late since I did not know if I would be off or not on Friday, I was) so we didn't get home until 7:15 or so (he has a lot of hair). Hubby was sweet enough to make the salsbury steaks & get the water ready for the noodles while we were gone. We were sitting outside for a bit and suddenly, there was a big long flash of blue light, the lights on the houses all flickered on & off and then dimmed in and out & finally came back on and a LOUD hummmmmmmmmmming noise started up. We run to the street as does the whole entire neighborhood. All around us are lights. No crashing noises, no sirens, no nothing. And we never heard anything more about it. Odd. All the people we talked to said the same thing I said, as soon as that blue flash hit, everyone said they tucked in their head & ducked down to the ground. Instinct. Amazing. Then dh & his best friend drove over to the west coast today (naples/ft myers area) to check on the house of a cousin who recently passed. No one has been there since September so they thought they should go check on the house, boats, cars, etc. Good thing they did. I guess things were growing in the fridge . So while the boys did that, me & my best friend (his wife) went to Old Time Pottery as I need to get some new dishes. Well, really, just plates. The ones I got last January are so chipped up it's getting dangerous to use them (we are talking CHUNKS are missing). I'm so disappointed in those ... they don't do well in the microwave & are constantly losing chips. Please, we are careful!! So really, all I need are plates. The bowls are fine. But most likely will NOT be able to match up. So we spend, get this: 3 hours shopping. C goes her way (she had no idea how big the store would be) and I go mine. I finally decided on plain white plates. Yeah right. I walked out with 12 candles for 1.28 total. C walks out with a cart full of stuff, $145. Then we went to lunch at La Bamba. I love la bamba! Haven't been there in I bet 15 years. Still as good as I remember! So I did manage to do one freezer (garage). Can't believe it, I have 8 rolls of jimmy dean sausage & 8 kiabalsi sausage. That's just for starters!! But now I have room in there. Sometimes it's just a matter of taking everything out & putting back in neatly. The weekly grocery shopping leads me to just shove/cram stuff in which is how I get the big messy unorganized freezer problem!! Ok, its almost 9pm. Time enough to go do the guest freezer. Or maybe just go sit in the recliner with my book & read. Or maybe go to bed and read. Or....just go to sleep??


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