Week 1 Grocery Shopping

As you may remember, I allocated myself $600 a month for groceries which is more than generous, so I said ok, let’s see if I can do it for $70 a week. Whew. This could be much harder than I had planned, but then again, wants vs needs really needs to be re-evaluated. I do not normally shop at whole foods as I think their prices are way too high but today I wanted to see if they had powdered milk to buy in the bulk section (no, they don’t). My total for all was $85.31 but the receipts say I saved $93.04. Publix 2 1lb bags of cheddar cheese * 2 lb bags of mozzarella cheese * Gallon milk 6 lbs of turkey burgers 2 pkgs spaghetti 8 cans of tomato soup 4 bags of baked lays chips * 4 bags pizza rolls * bag of salad 1 lonely cucumber Pkg cherry tomatoes 1 lb carrots 2 ben & jerry ice cream (hey, 91 cents each after coupon) * 1 Lucky Charms * 4 boxes poptarts Cat food * 12 pkgs ramen (need the noodles) Winn Dixie Head of green cabbage Head of red cabbage 10 Special K (99 cents a box with coupon) * 1 cat treat (free with coupon) * Whole Foods 3 red peppers Reggiano parmesan Bulk raw/unsalted sunflower seeds Bulk raw/unsalted pumpkin seeds * denotes coupon used


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