Special finds at Publix Because I’ve been looking for thenew sale booklet that www.fiddledeedeeblog.blogspot.com/ mentioned, I’ve been in Publix 3 times already since yesterday morning! I also took advantage of the “in store sale” of Rotel, buy one get free. Remember, Publix had that coupon in the booklet for $1.00 off (there were some GREAT coupons in this month) but of course, can’t find anymore of the books! I’m glad I snagged as many as I did. Anyways, yesterday morning, stopped & bought 8 cans of Rotel. Used 3 30 cent off coupons and 4 $1 off coupons. Paid, 26 cents. For all 8. Yahoo! In the meantime, I see 35 cent off coupons for any size gatorade. Remember, there are 55 cent off coupons too in the publix booklet. This week Publix has the big bottles for 3 for $5. Then I see these other coupons for $5 off a $20 deli platter with purchase of $10 or more of pepsi or gatorade products. Snagged 2 of them coupons to use later. This mornings stop (after dropping kids off at 7am) produced these little booklets by “Making Smart Choices”. Drats!!! I should have looked better before I picked up my 4 cans of Rotel & 1 can of Pam (total cost was $1.57). These little books only have 2 coupons. 1 is when you buy any size Pam, get $1 off produce. Other is when you buy any Eggbeaters, get a free can of Hunts diced tomatoes. Here is how I’m am going to try & play this: $1 off Pam (publix coupon) and $1 off Pam (internet manuf. Coupon). Cost 99 cents $1 off produce (will buy a lb of something cheap). Cost Free $1 off 2 eggbeaters (publix) and $1 off 1 eggbeater (internet mauf. Coupon) (buy2) cost $1 for both $1 off 2 Hunts diced (blinky) and use free eggbeater coupon. Cost 19 cents (I think they are $1.19 each). $3.20 for all? And that would make a complete, healty meal. Would like to do this several times. I had bought Pam this morning & bought eggbeaters over the weekend. Hate when I miss the bonus!!


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