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Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Spend February

So in honor of my participation in the No Spend February over at MomAdvice (which I'm already kicking myself for commiting to, I really wanted to get that 10 lb leather medicine ball ... oh well, maybe my hands will finally toughen up with the hard 8 lb'er) ... I decided to go ahead and make the whole month menu. Since I have NOT been sticking with my menu plans very well at all (tired after the gym, not hungry, everyone grazes) I am hoping this works . I've gone through my household notebook and put the recipes in the corresponding days and I'm only missing 2 (teriyaki chicken & pizza). Oddly, I believe I have everything I need for these 25 meals (I left 3 Saturdays open for dh to choose) and would not have to go the grocery store except for milk and produce. Yeah right. Sure would be nice if I could avoid all grocery shopping with that exception. Can I do it? I don't know. Sure I can. I don't know. See, my problem. Well, never mind. By the way, has anyone else out there noticed how many holidays there are in February?? The shortest month of the year & it has 5 key days. Super bowl Sunday. Ground Hog Day. Valentines Day. Presidents Day. Mardi Gras. Granted, my calendar is printed off from a google search & may not be right? Now I feel the need to go check! Regardless, here's my plan for the month of dinners: 2/1 (superbowl sunday) Brats and sauerkraut 2/2 (groundhog day?) Chicken stirfry 2/3 (mardi gras?) Leftovers 2/4 burgers 2/5 soup & sandwiches 2/6 chix sausage & scalloped taters 2/7 open for dh 2/8 lasagna 2/9 leftovers 2/10 crockpot chicken fajitas 2/11 soup & sandwiches 2/12 shrimp packets 2/13 au gratin taco bake (I 'may' have company this weekend so I think the next 4 days are ok?) 2/14 (valentines day!) Tbones (thank god I have this already!) 2/15 CP bbq shrimp with pasta 2/16 (presidents day) burgers 2/17 tilipia 2/18 veggie penne 2/19 CP bbq pork 2/20 chili cheese dogs (or maybe chicago style, not sure which yet) 2/21 open for dh 2/22 pizza 2/23 soup & salad 2/24 CP teriyaki chicken 2/25 left overs 2/26 Tacos (if I can find any taco shells in the house, otherwise it will be nachos) 2/27 tilipia 2/28 open AND THE LAST DAY! So....can I do it? Huh? I don't know!

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