Snowbirds of a different kind

Bikini boy.

Bikini boy. Well. He’s not really a boy. More like a grown man. But I’m not sure I could even guess his age. Mid 40’s, maybe??

And he walks. The man loves to walk. He walks on the east side of town. He walks downtown. He walks in the morning. And he walks in the (early) evening. He walks on the edge of the street. Not in the grass. Not on the shoulder. Not on the sidewalk. On the edge of the street. Into oncoming traffic. And he wears….a speedo type brief. No shirt. No hat. No shorts. Just his bikini and sneakers (actually, I need to look at his feet, wonder if he wears socks?). But there you have it.

And then you have:

The Well Dressed Lady For years I would see her here, there & everywhere. Down by the beach. Downtown. Over by Target. Somedays she would have a shopping cart. Some days she would have a little dog (looked like a little terrier).

One day I saw her going through stuff in the trunk of a huge old lincoln towncar. Some days she is by herself. Other days she is with a man. Some times a group of men. None are as well dressed as her. Or appear to be as clean as she is.

See.  She is homeless.

I ‘think’ she lived in her car for a while. She used to pop open the trunk and lay everything out on the ground (parking lot). It was all her worldly belongings, I suppose. But I haven’t seen the car in a few months. Not to mention, the city came up with its lovely plan to have NO free beach parking any longer. But she is almost always well put together. Skirt and blouse. Hair up in a nice bun. Makeup (full makeup, not just mascara, tastefully done). Hose and heels. Sometimes bare leg. And always, always a big ass purse.



But then one day, we were over by the Blockbuster by 18th & Federal. And my son was like “whoa …. She is scary looking” It was her. But that day, her hair was all wiry and frizzed out.

For a minute there, I thought maybe she had been attacked. But then I saw her face.

Her eyes.

Her mouth moving.

 She was angry. But not just angry. I think she may have been having a bad moment.

Drugs or whatnot. I’m not sure. I don’t see her as much. I think it’s because of the season & others come in from out of town to enjoy are nice weather for the winter. Snowbirds of a different kind.


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