Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was a busy day and I got a lot of my things from my list accomplished. Luckily, I did my grocery shopping Friday night after work since I got out a half hour early. My g/f & I went out for dinner & drinks then, 2 beers, appetizers & $40 later … but it does NOT happen very often anymore, so I’m ok with that! So here’s how my Saturday went: Went back to the grocery store to exchange the leaking gallon of milk. Ended up spending $15. Made it to the dollar store & got my 6 tin pans and a plastic whisk … spent $4.24 Got back home. Deskinned (is that a word??) a whole chicken. Threw it in a pot of boiling water & let it cook (simmer) for an hour. Then I proceeded to make this which made a LOT. I put most in a large tin (lasagna size) and some in a round tin (cake pan). Covered with a double layer of heavy duty foil & stuck in the freezer. I will make the smaller one for dinner one night this week. Then I took my 7 lbs of chicken breast & set 2 breast aside. The rest I sliced in half to make them thiner (they were thick). Layered them on wax paper, set on baking sheet & stuck in freezer to do a flash freeze. However, they are still there because I FORGOT about them! Sliced up 8 red/green & yellow peppers. Flash froze them & put them in a Ziploc & stuck in freezer. Grabbed a handful & set aside. Took my 2 chix breast, sliced them up, sliced up an onion and made this. I pretty much followed it 100% with the exception that I added in juice of one lime & used fire roasted tomatoes (noticed that I’ve about used up my cheap cheap/free cans – need another good sale!). This was put in a ziploc & is also in the freezer. Probably dinner on Monday. Had taken the ribeyes out of the freezer in the morning for dinner. DH kept nodding off all day long. He’s fighting something. Big tough guy, but man when he gets sick, it kicks his butt. So I said I did NOT want to waste good steak if he wasn’t feeling good, so we ordered Time Square pizza instead. $26 later and a LOT of pizza… Today I finished with the chicken. Note to self, do NOT let it sit in freezer overnight otherwise you will have a frozen mass of stuff between wax paper that still requires prying apart. Wanted to make a triple batch of pancakes for freezer & cook the extremely fatty bacon to crumble & put in freezer but got sucked in to watching 3 hours of Planet Earth. I will be posting my grocery purchases & menus shortly so keep an eye out.


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