Menu 1/5 to 1/11

I recently discovered Gayle over at The Grocerycart Challenge and have been thoroughly impressed. Matter of fact, she is the inspiration behind my $70 a week goal ... She will post her shopping trip (with photos) and then her menu plan for the week. Breakfast These are pretty much fend for yourselves ... cereal, scrambled eggs, toast, bagel, pancakes, whatnot. I always have sausage patties & bacon in the freezer and/or fridge if desired. I will make breakfast either Saturday or Sunday for the family. But not during the week. *Note to self: need to restock freezer supply of breakfast burritos, pancakes & waffles* Lunch These are almost always leftovers for dh & I, the kids get $10 each a week to either buy their lunch or take a pb&J with chips, cookies & g2 or propel or water. On weekends, it's usually sandwiches if there are no leftovers (tuna, lunchmeat, what not) Dinner Tacos Teriyaki Chicken Thighs (and veggie rice) Soup & Sandwiches Leftovers Lasagna (tray from freezer) with garlic rolls (and friends) Ribeyes & baked taters Open (out or hubby’s choice)


  1. We look as though we eat similar, shop similar, cook similar. Only difference is that I have four kids instead of two. We do "easy" for breakfast, the older kids eat school lunches at about $10 a week, the little guys have sandwiches, mac and cheese, frozen pizza, etc., then I cook dinner. Our menus look similar. I had a $500 a month budget but now am switching to $75 a week, as well. Good luck to you!!!

  2. Yup, does look the same. I'm telling you though, that $70 is gone fast because I need to remember that I'm not stocking up and certain things definately fall into the WANTS category, not the NEEDS. Ahhh...having teens does that to a person!


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