King Neptune

Again, as long as I can remember, I’ve seen him walking. Generally in the same radius of 2 or 3 miles. He is an older gentleman. Thin. Short. Wears a hat with ragged upturned top which stands in as his crown. Wears glasses with funky fin like things on them. His shirts are cut (or maybe purchased like this?) with ragged “car wash’ type cuts on bottom. His pants are always the same as the shirts, ragged ‘car wash’ type cuts. Funny because sometimes they come right below his knees. And he always, always carrys, what I would imagine to be his staff An umbrella this morning. Closed. But held rightously. It may rain today, so the weatherman says. Yesterday, he was carrying what looked like a long stick. He’s tan. He’s fit. He has a closely trimmed beard. Grey. Also, has closely trimmed hair. Could be bald, but I've never seen him without his hat/crown. Lately I’ve seen him at NE 26th Street and Federal Highway, crossing against the red light going west on 26th. I'm thinking he fits more of the sailor mode now, not King Neptune.


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