January 09 Month End Results

Well, it’s not all I thought it would be. Good lord. Just based on the budgeted/accounted part, I’m $20 less than I had coming in. Yeah, in the red. Huh. I even spent less than the $600 for groceries, but not by much. Based on this, I am joining in over at MomsAdvice for the No Spend February. Granted, my 30 Days of Nothing with Owlhaven didn’t go so well either. Grrr. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. Here are the end results for January FPL $330.00 T-Mobile $120.00 AT&T don’t see a payment so that is going on February Comcast $110 Food $502 (granted, this is MY total, dh did a few random stops but nothing substantial, I hope) Bugman $24 Car Gas $40 Car ins $279 Water $120 Sprinkler $15 Cap1 $100 AE/Gym $1200 with more being paid on Feb. 2nd Blockbuster $18 Best Buy $50 Kids lunches $80 So, the AX bill really got me. Geesh. I forgot about the additional $ I had put on it & the taxes. Had paid the majority of taxes ($3500) at end of December with all intentions of paying remainder around January 15th. Duh. Never mind. Don’t ask. Also spent $65 for the dang cat flea med. Ds got his hair cut (at last, he asked) $40 And then just all the incremental stuff that I thought would fit in somehow on its own. Yeah, right. I need to add in a little entertainment or kid fun fund. NOT. So as you can see, I spent $2983 (not including cat, hair cut and balance on AX. I had originally budged $2084 for the month. My income was $2963 … I am off by $21. Wow. If that was the way I lived every month I’d be in deep crap. Thankfully, it’s just the AE bill but I guess that just goes to show the importance of a) watch what you spend on a credit card and b) rainy day / saving fund. This months saving contribution: $0 Please note, I only had one closing/bonus at work which I will just move over to next month as a surprise. AND February should be a stellar month as far as work goes. Woohoo.


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