I will be posting my month end totals shortly to see how it matches up to the post from here: I am glad I stayed below the $600 on the food part. However, my AE was way more than I had thought. My mistake, I forgot about the gift cards and a few other things I had used it for during December. Uggg. That’s why credit cards are bad, you don’t always remember what you’ve used them for. Anyway. I will also post about my great stop at Publix on the way in to work Friday for non-perishables. Friday mornings around 8am are very slow in the grocery store by my house. And that’s why I stop there with all my coupons. Spent $25, saved $67. Not bad. Of course, the cashier is not at all happy with all the coupons. She is one that insist on the coupons before she starts ringing, and she fights each and every one of them. I don’t understand it, but oh well. The highlight of my week? 32 oz gatorade for 10 cents a bottle. Dang I wish I had snagged more of them coupons. But I don’t want to be a coupon hog any more and will share that thought on a future post. In the meantime, we have this big hunk of beef brisket thawing for dinner tonight. Woohoo. It’s chilly out (48 at the moment) which is cold for us. I think I might make some French onion soup too while I’m at it. I also want to make muffins (box) and some cinnamon rolls.


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