Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I managed to only drink a little, eat some home made Chicago-style pizza, enjoy a few friends and be asleep by 1am! I am so proud of myself! Actually, even more so than that. I convinced hubby that we did NOT need to take a cab down to the Elbow Room to celebrate. Several reasons. A) would have cost a lot of money to be down there with drinks and all, b) would have drank way too much and c) we did NOT need to be around a group of drunks strangers to bring in the new year. Because of this my good friend chose not to come over (??? Whats up with that???) and our other friends left here about 10:30 or so to head over there for the dropping of the ball. That was ok. So how about, is everyone else out there ready for the new year to start! I’m so freakin happy, it’s not even funny!!


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