Weekend Shopping

*and as a note: I do not have a single Christmas present yet! Was going to try & get away with none, but now ds is like "mom, there isn't any presents under the tree yet??!!" ... hmmm. Did he forget what I told both him & his sister on their birthdays?? Walmart Neighborhood Market (Friday night) $54.xx. Honestly, was going for a few things & to compare prices on a few things. The 18 pk of beer was $10 (geesh, thought I was going to stop buying beer??!!), got 3 lbs of ground beef for $12, and a few other stellar deals, but still spent $54.xx!! Walmart Neighborhood Market (Saturday morning) $13.xx. Went back to get more ground beef as dh reminded me that we were doing blue cheese bacon burgers & the meat I purchased last night was for tacos (Sunday dinner & freezer stash). So bought 4 1/2 more lbs there ($3 lb), onions were 10 cents a lb (??!!) ... should have bought more but I only bought a few lbs. Publix (Saturday morning) $31.xx ... now this was the deal maker. Of course, I am over my self imposed budget for the week (what, I think I said $20???) not to mention my proposed new weekly budget of $70 (more on that later). BUT - My savings was $57.xx and I only paid $31.xx Woohoo!! So now, I really need to start making a plan on HOW I am going to make my $70 budget and stick to it ... keep an eye out for this one!


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