So, let’s see, where was I at on the $ for the week again? Oh yeah, $2.xx left. Thankfully I found 2 gift cards. One had $1.30 left and the other had $5.80. Stopped at Publix on way home. 2 transactions. 1st – 6 cans of Progresso soup. Used $1.10 off coupons (again) .90 cents. I swear, I’m never going to be able to get these cards to $0. Still have 40 cents left on that one. 2nd – 3 cans Progresso soup, and 4 whack a can bread sticks. Used 3 $1.10 off on soup and 4 $1.00 off on bread (these were found on the soups!). Total $3.27. Crumb. $2.53 left on the card. I should have used the larger card for the whole thing. Was trying to zero out as much as I could. Oh well. Then this morning, stopped at the Publix downtown (off 6th & Andrews) to get the 2 bags of Fresh Express salads to toss in fridge for lunches here … B1G1F and I also have Publix coupons for $1 off each … I was THINKING $1.09 total. BUT the freakin bags are now $3.79 EACH. So, $3.79 minus $2 in coupons equals $1.79. Should have seen me digging for change. Have NOT done that in quite a while … a little embarrassing. Oh well. So, the bags of salad are not that great of a deal after all unless you buy the ones with the most weight (not the 5 ounce baby lettuce!). Crumb. So where am I for $$? I have no idea. Change. Small change, I might add. Pennies. Humiliating. I may have to bump up the grocery bill for the next week as there are some great sales and I have great coupons that expire at the end of the month! YIKES. Here I go again. Really need to get focused on what’s needed vs what’s wanted, huh?


  1. How much is your weekly grocery budget/how much do you work off of?


  2. Hi Claire ... honestly, I don't really have a weekly budget, but do know that I spend way more than I should! I was trying to get away with $20 a week for the next 3 weeks but obviously, that is not going to work very well for me! This is just a self imposed "can I do it?" type of thing.

    However, with the new year coming in, the economy not looking much brighter, I will try to set myself at $280 a month, or rather, $70 a week. There will be a post on that soon. Thanks for the inquiry!


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