Lazy Sunday ...

well, not totally a waste, but you know how it is for a winding down of a 4 day holiday weekend. Dh & dd got the Christmas lights up on the patio, long fence and the house. Amazing that there were no problems since we didn't get them up last year (dh had just had the major hand surgery). Looked at the blue rope lights and see that half of them don't work. Oh yeah, now we remembered the problem . So I said, hey, Publix has them on sale for $7.99 and I have a coupon for $1 off any 2 strands. So when we took ds to his band practice, we swung by Target first to check them out. Same price, and not a lot of selection. Walked over to Publix and decided to go with multicolor. Check out and they rang up as $6.74 EACH. Woohoo! Buy 4 strands, use 2 coupons for $1 off each. Get home, plug them in & they are so pretty. Dh likes the housing, connectors, etc. Wants to get more. How many coupons do I have? hmmm. ummm. 20? Yikes. I have that many booklets!!!!??? Whoa. so...that's what I was cutting out during the 60 minutes, and also cut out the $1 off any holiday candle as those are on sale too right now. We also watched (earlier in the day) Santa Clause 2. Didn't get the beginning but watched 75% of it. Need to get the movie from blockbuster. Speaking of blockbuster ... we've had the same 2 movies for a month now. Ds & dd keep bothering me about changing them out. I wanted to watch the movies though. Finally made dh sit & watch: What Happens In Vegas. Cute. Funny. Actually, I really enjoyed it. Needed something like that :)


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