It’s only Wednesday and I already have myself on a tight rope with cash for groceries! Monday - $2.45 spent @ Publix, 3 cans soup & 3 cans of whack a loaf of bread Tuesday - $1.10 spent @ bread store, one loaf. Even my bread outlet isn’t cheap anymore! Also - $13.98 spent @ GFS for 2 trays of mac & cheese. They were $6.99 each. Only needed the one for dd’s ROTC cookout today BUT they were on sale, $2 off. And they are so good. And I didn’t get any from Saturday nights party. So. I need to work a little more on whether or not I need to be buying something. I have $2.56 to last til Sunday which is when my new week starts. DH will be laughing himself silly by then. I am going to have to buy a half gallon of milk, or worse yet, get it from CVS using my ECB’s (dh hates the milk from there, don’t know why). I don’t know if I can do this!!! Yes I can. I can! I can!


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