I managed to confuse a Publix cashier this morning I am actually still shaking my head about this, 8 hours later! I went into store #1 to return my stainless steel cleaner. Pointed out to the gal that I had a coupon for $2 off. She said it didn’t matter and gave me back $3.12. Hmmm. I only paid 99 cents for it. I really felt bad but she didn’t seem to care. On way out, noticed that they had new coupon booklets out! Woohoo! Grabbed one, opened it up & the first coupon was $1 off Fresh Express Salads. Grabbed about 8 and left. Store #2 is down the street from work. Thought about it on the way to work and decided to stop in for a quick check of coupons as this store has a great display. Grabbed one of the soon to expire (12/5) Thanksgiving Savings booklet since I saw the $2 off any produce when you buy 2 Fresh Express. $2 plus $2 equals $4!! Sure enough, Fresh Express on sale for $2.50 a bag (not a ‘great’ deal), comes to $1.50 each. Grab 2 bags. Grab some bananas. $2.50 plus $2.50 plus $2.17 equals $7.17. Had the cashier my 3 coupons. She ask “which one did you want to use?” I just looked at her and said all 3. Then she reads the Publix coupon very very carefully: “Save $2.00 on any produce item of your choice when you buy 2 Fresh Express Bagged Salads.” Looks at me with a blank look. Finally, took the coupons, laid one each on each item. $1 on salad. $1 on other salad and the $2 on the bananas. Told her that if they didn’t ring through, not to worry. Still got the blank look. Finally told her I could take it up to Customer Service desk since it was still early & not busy. Finally, she rang the coupons through. $3.17. She looks at me again, and said “I don’t think this is right”. Poor thing was so confused. So I took my receipt & tried to explain it to her. “But you almost got it for free. How is that?” I guess maybe she is still too young to get the concept??


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