Have you ever done something that is just out of your usual routine for some unknown reason? And then find out that there must have been some higher power that surely made you make that decision? This morning, I stopped at Target to get the 360 Arcade for ds birthday … dh was stopping there too and was pulling in as I was leaving. We chatted a few minutes before I drove off & he went to park. I left Target, and instead of turning right to go to the major intersection one block away, I chose to go straight and go another ½ mile before I get to the major road (Federal Highway). Within seconds of going through the intersection, dh is calling me. There was a major, major accident at that intersection. He was getting out of the car and heard the boom, boom, boom, boom, 5 or 6 times. That’s how many cars were involved. His first thought was ME being that I had just left. One car (teen girl he said, probably on way to school) was broadside, spun her around & hit several other cars. All because someone was running late & pushed a light that turned red (not the teen, she had the green light). I was like, wow, I would have been right in the middle of ALL of that in BIG truck. Wow. My day could have been so much different. Wow. It actually brings tears to my eyes when I think about this. I’ve already said a prayer of thanks to God and believe me, I acknowledge the fact that I do NOT do this often enough. This is the 4th accident this week that one of us has seen. We’ve been trying to tell dd that she needs to just park the car unless absolutely necessary as people are not paying attention lately & traffic is just out of control!


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