Good morning and Merry Christmas It’s a hazy, drizzling rainy morning here in South Florida. Breezy too. I’m sitting in the office and can look out the big bank of windows and also see the Christmas tree and smell it too. It smells so yummy. It’s about the only thing that seems Christmasy this morning. There are a few small gifts in the teens stockings. Also a 1 lb bag of cashews for dh in a gift bag. But that’s it for the gifts. I don’t think the kids are too happy about that but it is what it is. I made the dough for these last night and took it out of the fridge at 7 to warm up before rolling out and baking. I hope it makes a lot so I can send some over to my neighbor. DH goes to the airport to pick up a friend at 2pm. John has a home here & in Colorado. I believe he is bringing his 18 year old son with him too. Not quite sure where that was at the last time I spoke to him. We ordered pizza from Papa Johns. 2 large pizzas completely chowed down by 2 adults and 1 teen boy. I only had 2 pieces, just for the record! I don’t know why we keep insisting on trying Papa Johns as the pizzas are never that good. Probably because they have the cheapest pizzas going. Normally we do McDonalds on Christmas Eve but not this year. Although, it was the 49 cent burger night, we should have. DH and I pulled the sleeper sofa out in the Florida room last night to watch a Christmas Story and enjoy the Christmas tree. Ds was in the main living room playing his Xbox (I think he missed it while in TN for the week!). Dd left at 3pm to go to ‘lunch’ with her exboyfriend. Finally at 12:20am I called to see if she had any intention on coming home. She said yeah. Ahhh. I should start a new blog just for the eventful happenings with her. It’s sad, it breaks my heart, it makes me angry, it makes me cry, it’s frustrating. It’s all those emotion at one time caused by an 18 year old who suddenly thinks that life is so much better in the outside world away from her parents. And it infuriates me that she QUIT her job that was paying her good money. Infuriates me even more that she spends all her money on fast food, clothes & friends, yet can not pay any money towards the car insurance, or the repairs that were made last month, or the repair bill from her accident. So now, MOM is driving that car again. Maybe I will start that blog after all. For dinner, we will make bacon blue cheese burgers on the grill. We will also get out the turkey fryer & fry up some onions. Dh wants to do cheese sticks too but I’m not so sure I want to venture to the store again, especially on Christmas day! So if I can just keep my focus on happy things and not all the drama going on with my daughter, it should be a Merry Christmas. Otherwise, I will be swinging wildly through emotions. Not a good thing.


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