Friday Night Movie

The kids & I headed over to Blockbuster on Christmas afternoon to exchange the 2 we had & get another game for them to play. I told them that for once, I was selecting the movies. I ended up getting the new Batman movie and Tropic Thunder. We watched Batman Friday night. Me, dh and ds. Dd decided that she was taking the bus downtown to meet friends at 8:30pm. Oh well. I'm having a hard time with this but will let her fly for a while to see where she lands. In the meantime, we have to keep turning the volume up & down during the movie. Real loud stuff makes the speakers rattle and make a funky sound (I'm hard of hearing and still heard this). So this morning (Sunday), dh says that we need to run to best buy. Oh yeah, I'm all excited. BUT I tell him, I've only got cash, no debit card, no american express, no best buy card. Cash, cash, cash is my new motto. Off we go. We stop in the tv room Ohhh. Ahhhh. Still out of our price range. Off we go to the speakers. Find 3 way indoor outdoor ones, $31. Find the LAST box and pick it up. Browse the smaller flat screens. Dh ask if I would like one for the kitchen instead of the 13" that sits on the counter. Sure, but not now. Then we make our way to the computers just to look at the desktops & towers. On the way, we pass the kitchen appliances. OMG!!! They have this gorgeous teal matching washer & dryer. To die for! I could so do that. DH asked if the price was for both. Uh no, honey, thats $1500 each. Then we started laughing cuz back when we remodeled the house 10 years ago we got the then NEW Neptunes by Maytag & thought we were all that!! Not anymore!!! Ha. The new fridges are soo cool too ... the french door ones that have a massive amount of shelving along with the freezers (2 drawers) in the bottom, stainless steel....oh I could have so easily gave in that department!! Off we went to the computers. Mobbed with people. But you know what? Not a good deal on anything. I'm not talking about almost free, but a decent sale price. Nope. Dh & said maybe after the first of the year things will be cheaper. I somehow doubt it.


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